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We at QRC know that you rely on your air conditioner to keep your office, store, or other business facility a comfortable place to work. Discomfort due to temperature or humidity has been shown to impede productivity and decrease worker morale, so a malfunctioning air conditioner can be bad for business. Our team wants to help you avoid such a situation, so in this article, we’ll be going over three signs that will warn you that you need air conditioner repair so you can spot problems before they become disastrous.

Our last warning sign that you need air conditioner repair

1.  Strange Noises- If your system starts to make squealing, grinding, or screeching sounds, then you almost certainly need air conditioner repair. These noises are typically caused by a belt slipping, motor bearings breaking down, or components that need lubrication. Our team at QRC has the right experience to identify and correct the issue before it can do worse damage.

2.  Hot Air- Another clear sign that you need air conditioner repair is your unit producing hot air. If your air has lost its cool, it could be caused by something as simple as a blown fuse, or by something as serious as a refrigerant leak. You can call our team to figure out the extent of the problem and implement a lasting solution.

3.  Moisture- Our last warning sign that you need air conditioner repair is if your unit starts to leak. If moisture is starting to drip from inside or around your unit, then you could have a blocked drain tube, or a more serious refrigerant leak. In that situation, we urge you to call our team at QRC as soon as possible to resolve the issue.