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4 Alarms You Need to Install in Your Commercial Office Building


We often talk a lot about purifying the air in your home, especially as Spring brings pollen and lots of allergens back into the air. But if you own an office or business, you should still be concerned with your building’s air.

But what are some other ways you can ensure the air in your commercial building isn’t dangerous to you?

Our friends at Slide To Safety often post home and fire safety tips on their company blog, and earlier in March they published a blog about the 4 types of alarms that you need to have in your home. And we believe they’re applicable to both your home and commercial building, if you own one!

Why Do We Need These Alarms?


All of the alarms they suggest detect dangerous chemicals or elements in the air of your business. As long as you maintain your commercial HVAC system, it will filter out allergens in the air. But dangerous chemicals in the air, like radon and carbon monoxide, will still be a threat. It’s best to equip your office with an alarm to warn you against dangerous levels.


Check out their list of the 4 alarms you need to install in your  commercial building by clicking here!


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