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You may think the system currently installed in your commercial building will hold up for years and you’ll never have to worry about replacing it. And if you keep it maintained and schedule your routine service appointments regularly, then it will last a long time. But nothing is built to last forever. Eventually, the system will quit on you because it just can’t function anymore. And even if your system is still working, you don’t want to wait until it finally does quit to replace it. But your system wearing out isn’t the only reason to replace it.

Why should you upgrade your HVAC system?

1. If you’re system is close to the end of it’s lifespan. Your equipment will last you roughly 10 to 20 years. And that is assuming you’re maintaining your system. You don’t want to have to close your building for an extended period of time because you waited until it stopped working to replace it. Especially if it’s unexpected. When you schedule a replacement you can prepare the tenants in your building(s) and may not even have to close your building, depending on the time of year and the weather.

2. If you’re renovating your building. When you’re renovating your building, it’s a good opportunity to go ahead and get the work done to replace your commercial HVAC system. And, depending on how you’re renovating the building, a change in the space used throughout your building could require an expansion of your system.

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3. If your building is expanding and needs better service. Also, in continuation of the last reason, if you’re expanding your building you will need to also expand your HVAC system. But if you notice that your building is not properly heated, cooled, and ventilated, you may need a better system. While your current one may still work, if it’s older it may not operate at full capacity. To improve your building’s overall HVAC service, you may need to upgrade your system.

4. If you want to increase energy efficiency – go green! Not only will you save money by upgrading your commercial HVAC system to a new, more efficient one, but it can also serve as good PR for your company. The trend of going green and being environmentally-friendly aren’t going away, it’s only getting stronger! People love to support companies and businesses who care about the environment. And newer commercial HVAC units have SO many new features, making them more efficient, green, and capable of saving you some major cash!

If you need to replace your current commercial HVAC system, call QRC today. We can find the perfect system for your specific building’s needs.