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As the weather begins to turn cold, it’s important to get your commercial property ready for the winter months. By taking just a few of these steps, you can save money through the season.

Step 1: Keep your heaters on lower settings.

This may seem obvious, but it can be hard to do this with a commercial building where you have many occupants with conflicting opinions about the temperature of the building. If you can, encourage occupants to bring a jacket to work or even a blanket they can use at their own desk so that you can take advantage of using lower heat settings. You shouldn’t leave your heaters completely off because this could cause your pipes to freeze.


Step 2: Service your Commercial HVAC System

We went into detail on this in a previous blog post you can find here: Importance of Preparing Your Commercial HVAC System for Winter. But ultimately, it’s important to make sure your heaters are serviced because you haven’t used them in at least six months. And you should also have the components of your commercial HVAC system that are working hard all year long checked before a major seasonal change.

Step 3: Test the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

While these alarms are just as important in the summer, this time of year is a great time to check them. Just before you start using the heat or gas in your commercial building. It’s also important if you choose to use, or allow your tenants / occupants to use, space heaters, heating blankets, or anything that increases your risk of a fire. Keep your occupants safe and ensure these alarms are fully functioning before it’s too late!


Step 4: Make sure any exterior pipes are insulated.

While the heat will help keep your interior pipes intact, you should make sure your exterior pipes have enough insulation to prevent them from freezing. And don’t wait until the temperatures really start dropping before you get those pipes checked! By preparing ahead of the season, you can prevent an unwanted pipe burst that could end up being costly and a big mess overall, especially in a commercial building!

If you need any help preparing your commercial property for the winter, call QRC today. We can help you service your commercial HVAC system and give you more tips to save energy and stay safe this upcoming winter!