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Nobody wants to experience an unexpected breakdown in their restaurant or cafe, especially when it comes to your frozen goods! You risk losing inventory and customers when you don’t take proper care of your walk-in freezer. Preventing unexpected breakdowns is as easy as keeping up with the maintenance and cleaning of your walk-in freezer–that’s all! Sounds easy, right? We’re going to break down how to take care of your walk-in freezer today to keep it running properly for years!

When cleaning your walk-in freezer…

  • Ditch the harsh chemicals and clean the interior and exterior of your walk-in freezer with warm, soapy water.
  • Don’t forget to also wipe down your door gaskets with the soapy water to prevent any bacteria or mold growth inside your walk-in freezer.
  • If you have a spill inside your walk-in freezer, be sure to mop it up immediately before it could freeze over. A frozen spill in your freezer can also be a safety hazard for your employees.
  • Have your qualified refrigeration technician check for clogged drains, at least yearly.
  • Clean your walk-in freezer’s condenser. When cleaning it, you can use a stiff bristle brush and a vacuum. You should perform this cleaning every three months, or you can call a qualified refrigeration technician to do this for you regularly. Be sure to disconnect the main power supply before you start cleaning!

When maintaining your walk-in freezer…

  • You should check the door closer on a monthly basis. You can check that all is in functioning order by consulting your owner’s manual. Adjust as necessary.
  • Check your walk-in freezer’s thermometer sensing bulb. You cannot block this light and it cannot be near any heat producing devices, like other interior lights. It must be exposed to air. You can consult your owner’s manual to find it or have a qualified refrigeration technician check it for you.
  • Inspect the gaskets in your walk-in freezer. Damaged gaskets can prevent the magnet from sealing. Ensure they are not damaged and be prepared to replace them every three years.
  • Keep an eye out for condensation building up around your walk-in freezer’s door. Some systems have an anti-condensate heater. If yours does, condensation build up could indicate a problem with this system.

If you do notice any problems with your system, you should call QRC immediately. We can check your system and make any repairs before the problems get worse and potentially close your business for a period of time.