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While regular heating service is a good idea to improve the efficiency of your system and make sure you get the best performance from your heating system, you should also stay alert for potential signs of trouble.

Heating Service

One of the most common signs you need heating service is louder or new sounds coming from your heating system. Every system makes its own unique sounds, but if you hear new hisses, grinding or clicks, it is time to call your trusted technician to perform diagnostics and heating service as needed. If you have reason to suspect a problem with your heating system, test it out by cranking up your thermostat and waiting to see what happens. If your system seems to have a limit to its heating power and ability, it is probably time to get it checked out.

If your heating system runs on natural gas, you should regularly check your pilot light. Expect to see a steady, blue flame. If you see any other colors in the flame or the flame is flickering, it may indicate a problem that needs attention.

Another common sign is the formation of condensation on the inside of your windows. While this will happen occasionally in most buildings, if it happens regularly, it could be a sign of a problem needing heating service. Also, if any of your employees have increased symptoms of asthma or allergies, or if someone is sick and can’t seem to get better, it is a good idea to get your heating system checked out.