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Did you know the quickest way for mold to spread is through a forced air HVAC system?

And did you know there is ALWAYS mold in your building?

That’s right. And you will never completely rid your building of it, no matter how deep you clean! Especially in humid weather. Mold is always present. And it can cause health problems for building occupants. So how do you prevent your building from becoming overtaken with the ever-present mold?

First of all, mold spores which are smaller than five microns will get filtered out by your HVAC system, typically. Now that you don’t have to worry about those little spores, what can you do to prevent the mold your system doesn’t cycle out?

Routinely Inspect Your Commercial HVAC System

You should routinely inspect your system, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, just give us a call and one of our skilled technicians can check it for you. When you’re inspecting, don’t just look for obvious signs of mold. Also keep an eye out for moisture in the drain and condensation pans, which can become a safe haven for mold. If they aren’t draining properly, moisture buildup will occur.

Properly Maintain Your Commercial HVAC System’s Air Filter

This means properly sizing the filters, replacing those filters every three months, checking the filters for any moisture or dampness, and replacing the filter if you notice any water buildup. If your air filter isn’t the proper size, it could let unfiltered air into the building, which increases the chances of small or large spores sneaking through.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Not only should you routinely have your HVAC system checked and maintained by a commercial HVAC specialist, but you should also follow these other maintenance recommendations. You should check on your outdoor air intakes to make sure they’re not letting in snow, rain, leaves or dirt which can contaminate the indoor air. Make sure your air conditioner drain lines don’t have any obstructions and the drip pans stay clean. Keep your drain pans, coils and the downstream side of cooling coils easy to get to so you can easily keep them clean.

Prevent mold complaints in your building with these commercial HVAC tips today!