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Whether you own a brewery, a supermarket, a cafe, or a restaurant, you depend on commercial refrigerators and don’t want to deal with breakdowns.

If your refrigerators breakdown, you lose food or drinks and then lose business and money. Our top priority is keeping you in business and keeping your business running smoothly, so today we’re sharing tips on what you can do to avoid an unexpected refrigerator breakdown!

Maintain Your Commercial Refrigerators

The most important and easiest way to prevent any problems with your commercial refrigerators is to keep them maintained! By keeping an eye on your system, looking for puddles or other signs of damage, you’re catching problems when they begin instead of letting them build up which could lead to the end of your refrigerator. Also, scheduling routine maintenance with professional refrigeration technicians (like us!) ensures your system is in tip-top shape! We look for potential problems so we can fix them before they begin.

Consider the Placement of Your Refrigerators

Where you put your commercial refrigerators can affect the system’s function. For instance, if you put your refrigerator somewhere that obstructs the fans, it won’t be able to cool effectively. Your refrigerator will overwork itself and could cause major problems, like a compressor breakdown. If you don’t have to entirely replace your commercial refrigerator after that, it will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair. When deciding on the placement of your refrigerators, make sure the fans will be able to run freely and the vents of the refrigerator aren’t against the wall.

Don’t Overload Your Refrigerators

Be conscious of what you’re keeping in your commercial refrigerators. When overloaded, they won’t work efficiently because it won’t be able to maintain the proper temperature. This also causes it to overwork itself, leading your major components to breakdown long before their time. When we’re installing your commercial refrigerators, take this time to speak with the technician about the capabilities of the refrigerator and what overloading it can look like.

Schedule an appointment with a professional commercial refrigeration technician today to ensure you’re using your refrigerators properly so they will last for years to come!