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Not only do you have a sizeable investment in your restaurant refrigerators, but you also rely on them to work efficiently and reliably to control operating costs. You don’t want to throw out food because they have failed to keep it at a safe temperature, but one of your biggest costs is utilities. That is why energy efficiency is such a high priority. Here are some tips for keeping your restaurant refrigerators operating efficiently.

How to Keep Your Restaurant Refrigerators Operating Efficiently

First, being concerned with efficiency is an ongoing issue. If you don’t keep up with it, the situation can easily spiral out of control and lead to repairs and replacement. This is because the same things that keep your refrigerator running efficiently also keep it from wearing out more quickly.

One of the things you should do regularly is keep the space around your restaurant refrigerators free from boxes and other items that would keep air from circulating properly. A kitchen is a hot place already, so don’t add clutter to the equation. Also, regularly check to make sure you have the temperature and defrost frequency properly set. A visual inspection of your restaurant refrigerators to check for an airtight seal is important as well. Be sure to keep the inside clean and avoid using harsh chemicals that could harm the seals, gaskets, hinges, and other components.

In addition to your regular in-house maintenance, be sure to call us at QRC for regular professional maintenance. Our commercial refrigeration maintenance is designed to help you gain the benefits of efficiency and to keep your restaurant refrigerators performing for as many years as possible. Contact us today to learn more.