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Considering your Commercial HVAC System uses half of the total energy your property consumes, you’re probably wondering how you can save some energy! Not to mention, the average commercial building wastes roughly 30% of the consumed energy. That’s a lot of waste when your system uses half of the total energy you pay for! Rest assured, we know how to optimize your commercial HVAC system so that it runs more efficiently and saves you money.

Determine What Shape Your System Is In

First, you should start with an energy audit and inspection from a professional HVAC technician. Just call us and schedule an appointment with one of our qualified HVAC technicians. We can take a look at your HVAC system and determine what shape it’s in as a whole.

It helps us to get the entire picture of your system’s performance if you can collect all your past year’s utility bills. Also, if you’ve had any repairs or service done on your system, you should have information from that as well. All this information can help our HVAC technicians look for any trends in your system’s performance.

Educate Your Employees & Other Building Occupants

Another great way to save some energy, and some money as well, is to educate your building’s occupants on the best ways to save energy. Ensure that they’re turning off their computers at night, unplugging anything that doesn’t have to stay plugged in, and turning off any lights that don’t need to stay on. Hold a group training session so you can educate everyone at once. This also reduces mistakes due to word of mouth explanations, etc.

Use Timers and Other Program Controls

If your system is equipped with a timer and other specific controls – use them! They’re there to save you money! When your building is empty, keep the air conditioning, heat, and lights turned down during those off hours. If your commercial building is smaller, then you can use a programmable thermostat. If it’s a larger building, you can use a timer system. You can program it to turn on sooner so that the building can be cooled off or warmed up before anyone arrives, but you’ll still save that energy throughout the day or night when the building is empty.


Need more help saving money with your commercial HVAC system? Call us today, we’ll help!