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If you have ever been involved in building a new building or taking part in another large project, you know how important the design stage is. You may not think that having a walk-in cooler for your restaurant or other business would need much planning, but there are some considerations during walk-in cooler design that you should think about before getting started.

Key Considerations During Walk-in Cooler Design

  • Ease of Organization – One of the most important costs to control in any business is raw products. Without proper organization, you could deal with high spoilage issues that could undermine your profitability. Be sure your walk-in cooler design offers the layout and functionality that allows for easy viewing and organization. This will also save time to keep production going strong.
  • Right Amount of Space – You’ll need to carefully assess how much space you need in your walk-in cooler design. If you go for more space than you need now or plan to need in the future, you’ll be experiencing higher utility costs than necessary. If you go for too little space or fail to plan for future growth, you will face having to make changes. Be sure the refrigeration system is sized properly for the cooler size, too.
  • Consider Features – Think about the various added features you might want for your cooler. Some helpful ones include a temperature alarm, door kickplate, strip curtain, and ramps for making access with a wheel cart easier.
  • Standard or Custom – As you consider walk-in cooler design, don’t be afraid to have expectations that go beyond standard sizes and configurations. With proper maintenance, your cooler will give you years of service. What’s most important is making the investment that will help your business be successful and that means getting exactly the walk-in cooler design that will fit your needs.

Here at QRC, we offer a wide variety of walk-in coolers and freezers, including mobile and custom options. We will carefully listen to your concerns and criteria to be sure we recommend the best option for your needs. Give us a call today!