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As you know, here at QRC we offer 24/7 Emergency services, but let’s save us both some time. Today we’re going to tell you about some common HVAC problems people encounter with their system and how you can repair them yourself! That way, you don’t have to pay us for a quick fix you could do yourself. Save those emergency calls for when you really need us. Of course, we’d love to see all of you everyday, but we don’t want you waiting on us when you have an easy problem that you can fix yourself!

Below we list the most common HVAC system problems, but if you try it and it does not fix the problem, call us immediately. Trying to repair a major problem by yourself could cause damage to your whole HVAC system if the repair needed is something more serious.

If you encounter issues with your air conditioning system, these are the first places to check:

Blown Fuse
If you’re air conditioning unit is not turning on, then you could possibly have a blown fuse. Always check the breaker first to make sure it hasn’t tripped. It did trip? That’s good. Just flip the switch back! If that doesn’t whip your air conditioner back into shape, then give us a call so we can send out a technician. It could be a bigger problem, like an electrical control failure or your HVAC system’s motor could be bad.

Dead Thermostat
Uh oh, is your air conditioning unit refusing to turn on? Make sure the thermostat is working! Someone might have accidently cut it off, it could be in the wrong setting, or you may need to change the batteries. If it still doesn’t work after you changed the batteries, you need to replace that thermostat. Also, if your thermostat looks like the one pictured above, you need to upgrade it! Read more on how a programmable thermostat can save you money here.

Dirty Filter
Have you noticed that your system isn’t circulating air as well as it usually does? Check your air filter! They can get pretty dirty and clogged and that will keep your system from running efficiently. Once you get your air filter, hold it up to the light. If you can see the sun shining through it, then that’s not your problem. But if it blocks any light from coming through, then you need to change your filter.

These three problems are common and you can easily troubleshoot them yourself before paying for an emergency visit. But remember that if our quick fix doesn’t work, stop right there and call QRC for further diagnosis!