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It’s likely you have already had your commercial HVAC system serviced this year, if you keep up with it. That was probably closer to the beginning of the year when you just started using your air conditioning again, as opposed to the heat. Here in North Carolina, we have all been playing that game where you try to see how long you can stand it before you turn on the heat in your office, right? The weather has been a little fickle, cool for a few days and then back in the high 70s for a few more. So the past month it’s been easy to go without the heat, but we think the chill is here to stay this time.

So why is it important to also have your commercial HVAC system serviced again this time of year?

First of all, remember that you haven’t used the heat in almost six months. While it all comes from the same system, your heating and air do work differently. And you don’t want to play the waiting game and then find out your commercial HVAC system isn’t heating properly when you can’t stand the cold anymore!

We recommend that you schedule maintenance for your commercial HVAC system twice a year. The best way to plan this is around the major seasonal changes, during Spring and then again during Fall. When you maintain your vehicle twice a year, you’re ensuring that at least once a year the components that work for the air and the components that work for the heat are serviced and replaced if necessary. Then, those components that are in use all year long should be checked twice because of the increased work on them.

When you service your commercial HVAC system often, you experience

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased life of your commercial HVAC system

Routine maintenance prevents a costly replacement too because we can often see the early stages of a problem and repair it before it becomes a bigger issue. So you’re saving yourself money on the commercial HVAC system, you’re saving money on your energy bill, and you’re increasing the comfort of your building’s’ occupants when you maintain your commercial HVAC system in the winter.

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