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Do you own a business, apartment building, or commercial office building? Chances are, you know a little about commercial HVAC systems. They’re very complex and do differ from the type of system you usually see in a residential home. It’s good to know the basic concepts of commercial HVAC so that you know what to ask for when shopping for a new system. It makes it easier for you to tell us what you want. But we’re always here to help you, even if you’re not sure what you need!

How to make the most of your commercial HVAC unit:

  • Don’t buy HVAC equipment that is any bigger than you need. We can help you determine what size system you need to be the most efficient, which will save you money in the long run.
  • Does your facility include warehouses or garages? In that case, you should focus on radiant heating. This will heat the objects in a room rather than the air, which consumes less fuel in the process of heating. Radiant heating is also good for waiting areas and exterior premises.
  • You also want to consider a demand controlled ventilation system. This system will increase or reduce the outside ventilation air based on the occupants and the demands they create. So you don’t have to maintain ventilation for a higher occupancy than necessary.
  • Economizers are great when the HVAC system calls for cool air. The economizer brings fresh air inside when the outside temperature is lower than the temperature inside, instead of using the A/C compressor. So it saves energy and money!

While it’s great to know what you’re talking about, we know that some people just don’t have time to learn all the details of HVAC systems. Especially if they’re in the process of opening a new business or apartment building.

If that’s the case, then let us do the work for you. We’ll inspect your commercial building and find out what you need to keep your customers, tenants, or employees in a comfortable environment as efficiently as possible. We can also design an HVAC Maintenance program specifically for your commercial system. That way, we can ensure that your system is in tip-top condition and avoid the long list of complaints that comes along with your A/C going out during the summer. That’s a nightmare we can easily help you avoid!

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