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Whether you just purchased or finished construction on a commercial building, or  if you’re upgrading your current commercial HVAC system, choosing the proper size system is important.  You must ensure you’re not paying too much on your energy bill and that it will actually do its job without causing premature wear on the machine.

So what factors are important when you’re deciding your commercial HVAC system size?

First of all, the square footage of your building is the most important factor in determining the Commercial HVAC system size. A system that is too small for your building will cause it to work harder, causing unnecessary wear on your system. You need to know how much space your commercial HVAC system will need to keep cool.

The next major factor to consider is the number of rooms in your building. If your building has many separate rooms, this may prevent you from using one large HVAC unit. Instead, several smaller units will be more efficient for your needs. The more rooms in your building, the more work it is on your commercial HVAC system to maintain their temperature.

Finally, what do you plan to do in individual rooms? What will their temperature requirements be? When you plan this in advance, you can be more strategic. Take into consideration rooms that may be used for storage.  Do they need to be kept cool or will the contents of the room be safe in a warmer room?

These are all factors we take into consideration when you ask for our help in determining your commercial HVAC system size and type you need in your commercial building.  Whether it’s a multi-tenant apartment building, a retail store, or a corporate office building, we can determine your best strategy for effective heating and cooling.

Need help determining the size commercial HVAC system needed for your building?  Whether it be new construction, renovation or replacement of your system, we are here to help!