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Why Your Business Should Consider Service Maintenance Programs
You probably got into business to turn a profit, right? So, anything that increases revenue or decreases expenses is a good thing as long as it ties in with your company’s mission statement. So, it stands to reason that savings related to your HVAC equipment would be a good thing. You already know that professional maintenance visits a couple times a year will keep your system performing its best, resulting in lower utility costs, fewer repair calls, and a longer life. What you might not have thought about is how service maintenance programs can reduce your cost for those visits and any repairs you may need during the year.

Most HVAC companies offer service maintenance programs because they know this is the best way they can serve your needs. You may be offered different program options, which is a good way to tailor yours to your company’s specific needs and budget. Typically, you’ll pay one annual fee, with an additional charge for each additional HVAC unit you have. Not only will you receive one or two visits per year to service your HVAC system, but most plans include a discount on any other services you may need during the year.

Here at QRC, we have three different service maintenance programs – silver, gold, and platinum. All plans include a comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and system operation report. The silver plan includes one visit per year, whereas the other two include two visits. The amount of discount offered varies between the plans: 10%, 20% and 30%, respectively and is applied to any needed parts, materials, or labor. Contact us today if you would like to know more about our service maintenance programs or any of our refrigeration or HVAC products or services.