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If you own or manage a building, you should be thinking about your commercial HVAC or commercial refrigeration system OFTEN. When you don’t keep up with the maintenance of your system and check on the components of them often, that’s when you start to lose money and notice problems.

We’ve previously talked about the importance of preventative maintenance and what can happen when you try to put it off it’s not pretty.

Maybe you don’t think about how much your business depends on these systems. Commercial refrigeration appliances maintain your food’s quality and keep it safe for consumption. If your refrigerator or walk-in cooler breaks down, you’re out of business until you can get it fixed. You may spend your time focusing on the sales, foot traffic, and efficiency of your employees, but don’t forget about your commercial refrigeration system that truly keeps you in business.

A commercial HVAC system keeps your building a comfortable temperature. If you own a multi-tenant building and your HVAC system breaks down from neglect, you’re going to have a mob of angry tenants. If you own a clothing boutique and your heat goes out in the dead of winter, no one is going to spend time browsing around your store in freezing temperatures, much less try on clothes! They’re going to find a store where they can comfortably scour through the racks and check their fit.

We know the importance of a product or service’s quality, customer service, and passion for a successful business, we also know properly working and maintained commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems also play a major role in the success of your business.

So how often do you think about your commercial refrigeration and HVAC systems?

Even if your system doesn’t breakdown, there are other, less noticeable but major complications which occur when you don’t pay your commercial systems enough attention.

If you’re in the grocery, restaurant, coffee shop, craft brew, or winery industries you could run into sneaky problems when you forget about your commercial refrigeration systems. In your industry, your business depends on the integrity of your food or beverage products. A leak in your system or even debris in your system can completely throw it off balance and while it will still be cold, it may not maintain the temperature you need to maintain your food’s integrity.

For instance, a refrigerant leak in your commercial refrigeration system will slowly diminish the cooling capacity over time until you eventually notice it’s no longer capable of maintaining the proper temperature. This hidden issue can call your business’ reputation into question and almost inconspicuously ruin your products.

You can learn more about how to avoid commercial refrigeration breakdowns here, but the most important takeaway is: Nothing prevents a breakdown better than routine, preventative maintenance on your commercial refrigeration system.

Every industry depends on the commercial HVAC system in their physical location more than they think about on a day-to-day basis. If you’re reading this while sitting at your desk and you’re not sweating or shivering, you have your HVAC system to thank for that!

You benefit from it every day, but how often do you think about it? When you let your commercial HVAC system slip your mind, you can run into detrimental problems in no time. Your HVAC system is composed of many parts, all working together to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building. A malfunction in one component of the system will affect every component eventually.

Leaks, breaks, or debri caught in the system may not damage your system immediately, but as soon as something goes wrong in your system, it will be working harder to make up for that flaw. And when your system has to work harder, it costs you more in energy costs, also causing premature wear on other components.

By scheduling seasonal, preventative maintenance for your commercial HVAC system, you’re ensuring a professional will inspect your system routinely. Our professional HVAC technicians are trained to check your system for signs of wear or symptoms of potential problems so you can have it fixed before it affects your system at all.

Don’t forget about the commercial systems your business and livelihood depend on! Schedule routine, preventative appointments so you can catch a problem in the early stages or prevent it all together. Call QRC to schedule your service appointment today.