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Whether you own an office building, a restaurant, a supermarket or even a school, you have to pay that commercial utility bill! And all of those building are using up a lot of energy heating, cooling and refrigerating. But did you know it’s possible to reduce your energy consumption by 30 percent with a few easy tweaks?

You may not need to reduce your energy costs, but who wouldn’t want to?!

Check out our simple tips for reducing your commercial utility bill and putting a few extra Benjamins in your pocket today!

Check your HVAC economizer.

First of all, your HVAC economizer is a controlled vent damper. This means it pulls in cool outside air, when it’s available, and integrates it into the HVAC system. This makes it’s job easier so it doesn’t have to mechanically cool air if it’s not necessary. It’s great and that alone will save you some money and wear on your system, but not if you don’t routinely check it! It’s possible for the linkage of the damper to break or seize up if you don’t maintain it. And when that happens, the economizer stays open and can increase your commercial utility bill by as much as 50 percent!

How do you do it? Call QRC today and we’ll send out a licensed commercial HVAC technician to check on the economizer for you. It should be cleaned and lubricated at least once a year. And if you have a technician checking on it often enough, you can completely avoid unexpected breakdowns because we’ll see any signs of problems before they have time to get worse.

Choose alternative, energy-efficient options for your lighting, HVAC system, and refrigeration.

If you’re working with an established building, you may need to retrofit energy-efficient options, but it will lower your commercial utility bill so you can thank us in the future! If your business uses refrigeration systems, like a walk-in refrigerator or freezer, they account for 40 – 60 percent of your building’s energy consumption. That’s crazy, right? Finding a way to reduce the commercial refrigeration energy consumption in your building will make a dent in your bill!

A great way to reduce the energy consumption of your refrigeration is to choose more energy-efficient options when you’re installing a system. With the trend in just about any industry going toward the “green” and “better for the earth” options, it’s easy to find an energy-efficient system for your specific needs.

How do you do it? Give us a call. We can help you find the perfect, energy-efficient system for your building, restaurant, or coffee shop which will reduce your carbon footprint in addition to your commercial utility bill.

You can also find some more energy saving tips for building owners here.

Scheduling routine, preventative maintenance for your commercial refrigeration systems and HVAC units.

If you’ve read any of our other articles, you know we highly advocate for routine, preventative maintenance. And do you know why? When you have your systems checked seasonally, or at the very least annually, then a professional technician can see how your system is operating and can keep an eye out for red flags. If you let your system work and work without checking it, a problem could arise which you won’t notice, until it gets worse.

When you let your system continue running with a minor malfunction, it only creates a bigger problem. One which can cost you extra on your monthly bills and one which will definitely cost you a lump sum when you need a major repair. Not to mention, a quick clean up of your belts and hoses will increase your system’s efficiency.

How do you do it? Easy! Schedule your routine, preventative maintenance appointments for your commercial refrigeration and your commercial HVAC system with us. We’ll send a licensed and experienced technician out to your building, restaurant or school to check on your system and ensure everything is running properly. They look for potential problems and can fix them while they’re manageable, before they ruin your entire system.

Do you need help reducing your commercial utility bill? Call us today and we can help you every step of the way to create a more efficient building which will cost you less every single month.