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You may have a tight budget or don’t see any problems with your commercial HVAC system, so you decide to put off that maintenance appointment and save a little money. It seems harmless, right? Your system is functioning properly, so why bother spending the money for a technician to tell you everything looks great, right? Or maybe you know the value of preventative maintenance but just can’t fit a routine maintenance into your budget when you need it.

If you know the value of maintenance on your HVAC system, then you know there’s a possibility that something could unexpectedly go wrong when you put off those appointments. But if you’re just trying to save some cash, you may not know the risk you run by deferring maintenance.

Do I Really Need My HVAC System Checked Seasonally?

Think of it like this: Have you ever put off changing your tires when the tread gets bad? Maybe you can’t afford to drop a lump sum on four new tires, the labor it costs to have them put on your vehicle, and other associated costs or maybe you just don’t make the time for it. It’s a lot of money at once, that’s true, and it can be a little time consuming.

But what happens when you put it off?

As that tread gets worse and worse, your tires become weaker and weaker until one of them finally blows while you’re driving down the road. When your car’s tire blows out, you will lose control. Sometimes drivers are lucky and are able to stop the vehicle, but sometimes your car could collide with a barrier or another driver, your car could roll, or a number of other tragic things. All of which ultimately causes more damage to your vehicle which will cost more to repair than it would cost to change your tires.

So the simple answer is yes.

But What’s the Worst That Could Happen By Deferring Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

You may be surprised to find out that you run into multiple worst case scenarios for your commercial HVAC system when you defer commercial HVAC maintenance. These scenarios can vary from causing sickness to building occupants to a complete system breakdown. We’ll go into more detail below.

Sickness in Building Occupants

When you don’t maintain your HVAC system, it can easily breed mold, legionella, and other allergens which your building’s occupants will inhale. The system easily spreads these sicknesses and diseases throughout the building. You can learn more about legionella in your commercial HVAC system and how it causes Legionnaires’ disease here. It takes no time at all for bacteria and allergens to develop and multiply throughout your HVAC system, even postponing your preventative maintenance once to save money could result in major problems for your building’s occupants.

Unexpected Breakdowns

When your commercial HVAC system is seen on a regular basis by our certified technicians, you usually aren’t surprised by any problems in the system. We’re able to detect the early signs of damage to all the components of your HVAC system.

You don’t miss your yearly physical with the doctor, do you? No. You go every year to make sure you’re healthy and if you’re not, the doctor can catch you in the early stages of a sickness or high blood pressure, so you have the opportunity to fix it and reverse the effects before it becomes a major problem.

It’s the same idea with your commercial HVAC maintenance. We want to inspect your system, look for any signs of problems, and make sure any potential malfunctions are repaired before they cause your entire system to breakdown. Deferring your commercial HVAC system maintenance may save money temporarily, but once your system breaks down, it will cost far more to replace the entire system than it would to have it periodically checked.

Do you need to schedule preventative maintenance for your commercial HVAC system? Call us today!