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Home > Keeping your cool > Types of Commercial Refrigerators You Need in a Craft Beer Brewery

Here in North Carolina, we have a constantly evolving Craft Beer culture, and to match it, you can find many craft breweries and stores specializing in craft brewing all over the state. In fact, North Carolina is home to over 150 brewpubs & breweries–more than any other state in the South! Not only are we big producers of craft beer, but we’re innovators. And choosing the best commercial refrigerators to store your craft brews in is essential! You may actually need a few different types of refrigerators to meet all of your needs.

We’ll go over some different types of commercial refrigeration options you can choose from for your craft beer brewery!

Back Bar Refrigerators

  • Great for a bar or pub for beer tastings
  • Your beers are easy for bartenders to access but also display your custom beer bottles
  • You can access the bottles from the front or both sides
  • Glass doors and lighting highlight your craft brews in an appealing way

Display Walk in Refrigerators

  • Great for storing cases of craft beer prior to shipping
  • Highly customizable for your specific storage & production needs
  • You can have customized entryways, like sliding doors for brewery tours

Upright Glass Door Refrigerators

  • Great if you offer take out beers for customers to purchase at your brewery
  • Lots of room for six packs of beer for customers to purchase
  • Can add self-closing, anti fog doors

Depending on your specific brewery’s needs, you may need just one or all of these different types of commercial refrigerators. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you plan to have beer tastings at your brewery?
  • Are you going to have a full-service bar attached to your brewery?
  • Do you want to sell six packs of beer for customers to purchase on their way out?

Consider all the different aspects of your brewery and what you want to offer customers. Then, we can help guide you in the right direction on choosing the perfect commercial refrigeration appliances for your craft beer brewery.

Are you ready to keep your brews at the perfect temperature? Call us today!