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Unfortunately, rooftop commercial HVAC units could be considered an eyesore. It’s hard to make them look appealing while still remaining functional, so are the benefits of the rooftop units worth the lack of appeal? It’s an important question to consider when either replacing your HVAC system or installing a new one. And while they don’t look great, that is their only con. You will save space, decrease noise pollution in your building, and minimize damage by opting for a rooftop commercial HVAC system and it will prove to be worth the eyesore in the long run.

You can easily expand or reduce your HVAC system.

Rooftop HVAC units are composed of modular units, meaning you can add or remove units depending on your building’s HVAC requirements. If you expand the building, you don’t have to worry about how you will heat or cool that new space, you simply add the appropriate number of modular units and you’re ready to go!

Also, because these units are modular, you can disperse them across your rooftop. They don’t have to be piled in one corner or one spot. Where you place them does depend on your heating and cooling requirements, but we are available to help you plan where those units need to go.

You can reduce the noise pollution inside the building.

Many newer HVAC systems are much quieter than those before, but they still have to make noise to truly work! When you place your HVAC systems on the roof, you reduce the noise inside the building. They stay out of earshot and your employees or other building occupants don’t have to worry about or talk over extra noise.

What Are The Benefits of Rooftop Commercial HVAC Units? Landscaping

You can create more space around the building.

When you choose the rooftop commercial HVAC systems, you free up space around your building. Instead of surrounding it with HVAC units, that are easier to vandalize or steal on the ground, then you can focus on improving your landscaping, offering more parking, or even expanding your building. What you may think is an eyesore on your roof, is even worse when it’s lining the outside of your building and taking up unnecessary space.

You can even save money with a rooftop HVAC system!

Rooftop commercial HVAC systems offer energy-saving benefits. For example, some rooftop units come with a damper feature, which is when the system uses outside air, when the outside air is the right temperature, to cool a building. They also have features for distributing humidity and heat in the summer as well!

What Are The Benefits of Rooftop Commercial HVAC Units? HVAC Technician

You make it easier for a Commercial HVAC Specialist to work on your system.

Rooftop commercial HVAC units are easier to access for your commercial HVAC specialist technician and you can ensure they have proper lighting to perform the maintenance. Technicians will have easy access to all commercial HVAC modules and they don’t have to search around the property for individual HVAC units. Since you should have maintenance performed on a commercial HVAC unit often, quarterly if not monthly, it makes a world of difference to have easy access to those units. Especially if you don’t plan to do any monthly maintenance, such as changing air filters and checking for leaks.

Ready for a rooftop commercial HVAC system for your building? Give us a call today so we can help get you started.