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Are you replacing or purchasing a new Heating and Air (HVAC) unit? You may not be an expert, and that’s okay, but you should definitely talk to an expert about the unit you’re going to install. Some people have a general idea of what they need from an HVAC unit but not everyone does. So if you’re not even sure where to start, here are some questions you should be asking your HVAC Contractor to ensure that they’re qualified to help you and know how to get the perfect heating and air conditioning system for you!

Questions for your HVAC Contractor

Do you have a permanent place of business? Where is it?

Since Heating and Air Conditioning is such a complex service, it’s best to work with a company that has a physical location. If someone is working out of their home, they’re more likely to be an amateur in the industry.

Is your company licensed by the state for HVAC work? Are your technicians certified?

Don’t work with any company that is not licensed to work on heating and air conditioning units. And don’t work with any company that does not invest in their employees enough to ensure they’re EPA certified and receive continuing education to keep up with the industry, like we do for our employees here at QRC.

Does your company carry general liability and workers’ compensation insurance?

If the HVAC company does not carry any insurance, then the liability would fall to your shoulders. Don’t put yourself in that position. Refuse to work with any heating and air conditioning company that will not prove their insurance coverage to you.

How long has your company been in business? Has it been in business under any other name?

It’s best to work with a heating and air conditioning service company that has been operating for at least five years. It’s also good to check their online testimonials (you can find ours here on our website). Also, while you’re asking about the company’s history, ask if they’ve operated under any other name. Recently, we changed our company name from Quality Refrigeration Concepts to QRC. It’s not a huge change, we just embraced the acronym as we introduced new services in our company. But some companies may change their name if they receive a bad reputation with another name. Do your research!

Can you provide names of previous, happy customers?

You can eliminate this question if you find testimonials on their website, like we have on ours, but if it seems like they’re hiding customer reviews, ask them about it! That’s a red flag.

Do you offer any emergency services?

Typically when something in your heating and air conditioning system malfunctions, it’s an emergency. You want to work with a company that has 24/7 emergency services, like QRC. That way you know that the company you’re working with is there for you and your employees’ comfort anytime of the day or night.


We can answer every one of these questions favorably, can your current HVAC company?

If not, come see us today and we’ll make your comfort our #1 priority.