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A noisy HVAC system is normal, to an extent. But how do you know when the noise is too much? This can depend on a few different factors, like how old your system is and what kind of noise your system is making. Also, before you jump to conclusions, make sure the noise isn’t a result of something you can easily prevent.

A few ways to prevent unwanted HVAC noise:
1. Regularly change your air filter. Check it often as well, they can become clogged before the recommendation on the filter’s original box.
2. Have your HVAC unit regularly inspected. Get a regular precision tune-up by an HVAC specialist.
3. Call us here at QRC when you hear the first loud noise come from your HVAC unit so we can check it out before it gets worse.

Older HVAC units are typically louder than newer systems, but they all make noise. These units contain many components that must move to create the perfect climate for your building. So they will make some sounds.

But if that noise bothers you, talk to one of our HVAC specialists and we can help you at least tone down the noise. For instance, you can add sound blankets and other noise-reduction equipment. But let one of our HVAC specialists help you so you don’t accidently cover something that you shouldn’t or otherwise interfere with the system!

Now let’s say you know this noise is not normal. There are a few specific sounds that require immediate attention. If you hear a sound that alarms you, turn off your system immediately and call us. That way you can prevent further damage to your air conditioning unit. Then we’ll come out and check on your system for you.

Here are a few noises that require immediate attention:

If you hear Rattling….
If you’re outside near your exterior air conditioning unit and you hear a rattling noise this could mean that something is stuck inside your vents, like sticks, leaves, etc. or you could have loose bolts or screws. But the noise could also be coming from the compressor and the loud rattling is a sign of that motor aging or a problem with it.

If you hear Grinding….
If you hear a grinding noise, it’s a good indicator that there’s something wrong with your fan motors. You could have a worn bearing or worse.

If you hear Popping….
If you hear popping noises in your ductwork when the air cuts on and off, this is a problem with your ducts specifically. Not your entire air conditioning system. Just like any other part of your HVAC system, your ductwork can age and become less efficient. Be sure to get your ducts maintained when your have your precision tune-up for your entire HVAC unit.

If you hear Hissing….
If you hear a hissing noise, or even a whistling noise, from your air conditioning system, this could also be a problem with your ductwork. If you can track down the hiss and it’s coming specifically from the HVAC unit itself, then you may have a refrigerant leak. Call QRC as soon as possible, and do not try to fix that yourself. It should only be handled by a professional.
If you’re still not sure whether the sound your HVAC unit is making would be considered normal, call us and we’ll send out one of the HVAC technicians to check on your system. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and if you do just have a loud system, then we can take some steps to reduce some of the noise you hear.