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Greensboro's Ductless Mini-Split HVAC System Specialists: Efficiency Meets Comfort

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You should never have to compromise on comfort in your home in Winston-Salem. With a mini-split HVAC system, you can enhance your home’s comfort while reducing your energy bills. Our certified and licensed team at QRC can provide high-quality and timely installation, maintenance, and repair for ductless air conditioners and heaters.

Mini-Split Services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Why Choose Mini-Splits for Your Greensboro Home

Explore the potential advantages mini-split HVAC systems have over other HVAC systems below.

Room-by-room comfort control

HVAC zoning distributes conditioned or warmed air throughout your home to even out the temperature and optimize comfort. With a ductwork-based system, managing your home’s temperature can present some challenges, such as cold or hot spots and poor insulation.

In contrast, mini-split systems use one or more indoor units connected to an outdoor unit and have built-in zoning abilities. With multiple indoor units, you can control the temperature and set schedules of individual rooms and zones, resulting in improved energy efficiency and reduced wear on your system.

No ductwork = lower energy bills

Ductwork can account for 30% of air that’s lost in leaks, holes, and poor duct connections, resulting in additional strain on the HVAC unit and high energy consumption. Since mini-split systems deliver air directly into rooms, they can operate on significantly less power and don’t lose efficiency through ductwork holes.

Plus, many government and private organizations offer energy saving incentives for mini-split systems, such as the Air Source Heat Pumps Tax Credit or the Home Energy Rebates Programs.

Sleek design blends with your decor

Most indoor mini-split units have slim and compact designs, and installation requires just a small hole in the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units. Instead of tearing down walls or ceilings and losing square footage to ductwork, mini-split systems offer cooling and heating without any invasive work.

Whisper-quiet operation

Depending on the model, the indoor units of mini-split systems can operate quietly at about 25 decibels, which is the same as a whisper. In comparison, central air conditioning hovers around 59 decibels during regular operation, similar to the noise of a regular conversation.

Our Greensboro Mini-Split HVAC Services

If you need mini-split services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, or surrounding areas, we’re the professionals for you.


Our team at QRC has over 50 years of combined experience and industry-standard continuing education to provide high-quality and timely mini-split installation. Offering mini-split installation and other services in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, High Point, and the surrounding North Carolina areas since 2003, we provide our customers with attention to detail, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service.

We’ll guide you through customizing a system for your home with the right sizing and zoning. Once your installation is complete, we’ll guide you through a preventative maintenance plan to ensure its long-term performance.


When your system isn’t performing as well as it should or isn’t delivering warm or cold air at all, you can rely on our certified HVAC technicians to resolve the repair as quickly as possible. We prioritize the safety and comfort of our customers, and we’ll arrive at your home on time and with a truck fully stocked with any parts we may need to restore HVAC service to your home. Our mini-split repair diagnosis comes with an estimate, and we’ll provide you with advice on choosing the best replacement should repair costs outweigh a new unit.


Though mini-split systems differ from central cooling and heating systems in many ways, they still require preventative maintenance to maintain optimal performance and efficiency. When you trust our team to clean your system, inspect it for issues, and make mini-split maintenance recommendations, you ensure its longevity and performance. Our technicians service all kinds of heating and cooling systems from many brands, and they’re prepared for any mini-split maintenance needs.

Mini-splits require professional maintenance about twice per year. To best prepare your home for the more extreme temperatures of summer and winter, we recommend scheduling mini-split services in spring and fall. We’ll take the time to maintain your mini-split thoroughly by inspecting it for issues and cleaning its components so you can enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Why Should Greensboro Homes Go Ductless?

Mini-split systems offer many benefits, but getting the most from these benefits depends on your individual circumstances. Certain situations merit a switch to ductless, such as if your household prefers different temperatures throughout your home and may benefit from zoning flexibility. If you’re adding new rooms, remodeling existing rooms, or evening out hot or cold spots, you can add a single-zone mini split unit to supplement your existing HVAC system.

In some large homes, conventional HVAC may be more effective at providing consistent heating and cooling. If your existing HVAC and ductwork system is in good shape and has many years left, waiting to go ductless is a better option.

Go Ductless in Winston-Salem with QRC

Enjoy energy savings, versatility, and more when you switch to a mini-split system in Winston-Salem.

Serving Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Lewisville, Mocksville, Clemmons, and the surrounding North Carolina areas, our team at QRC is always ready to provide quality workmanship. Whether emergency repair, routine maintenance, or a new mini-split installation, contact us to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a mini-split system myself?

Even with the technical knowledge, we don’t recommend installing a mini-split system by yourself. Installation requires working with refrigerant, which is a hazardous substance, and only licensed contractors are qualified to safely handle it.

How long do mini-split systems typically last?

Mini-split systems last 15 to 20 years with proper installation, timely repairs, and regular maintenance.

Mini-Split Installation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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