3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Technician

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If you own and/or manage a business, you have many responsibilities and delegation is essential.  One item that is certainly worth delegating is HVAC management to an HVAC technician.  Hiring the best HVAC technician for you and your business can seem a little overwhelming.  If you are looking for tips on where to begin, check out the information below.

3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Technician

  1. Are you a certified HVAC technician? Certification and training are necessary for servicing complicated commercial HVAC systems. Common HVAC technician certifications include Air Condition Contractors Association of America (ACCA), National Association of Technical Excellence (NATE) and RESNET Energy Smart Contract.  It is completely appropriate to ask a potential HVAC Technician if they are certified.
  2. Do you have references?  Commercial HVAC technicians will likely be happy to share references with you. If possible, get a reference that is from a similar industry. Call the references and ask detailed questions about the HVAC technician’s work.
  3. What is your website? You may find the website before meeting with the HVAC technician face to face but be sure to take a deep dive into their website. You can find different services offered, service areas, emergency 24-hour service options if available, and more.  You can also locate customer reviews if the website offers it.  Reviews and testimonials will give you great insight to the customer service and work quality of the HVAC technician.