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Commercial Refrigeration Services

Keeping You & Your Products Cool.

Here at QRC we are versatile. While we offer commercial HVAC services, we also perform refrigeration system services. The Commercial Refrigeration services we offer are:

  • Commercial refrigeration service & installation
  • New and used equipment sales
  • Heating and air conditioning service
  • And preventive maintenance on any make and model of equipment

We have 50 years of experience in the Winston Salem area, but we also service surrounding Triad areas, such as: Greensboro, Kernersville, Clemmons, Lewisville, and High Point. We are also licensed to do work in all of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.

The QRC Commercial Refrigeration Team

Our refrigeration service technicians are all EPA certified. They undergo monthly training to stay up to date on changes in the refrigeration industry. We also strategically place them throughout the state of North Carolina. That way we can quickly respond to any service calls from customers.

Our installation team is capable of handling every customer project from design to completion. You can call our sales department and our salesperson will take your information. Then they will send you a drawing and a quote for your commercial refrigerator or freezer. We can help you through every step of the process. One of our sales employees can help you determine what size walk-in you need, what type of refrigeration system you need, and how much it will cost you to run that refrigerator or freezer.

QRC Is There For You Every Step of the Way!

Our team can create a drawing for your refrigeration system as well as the quote, but our service doesn’t stop there! QRC is there for you every step of the process. We also work with the manufacturer of your refrigeration system to ensure that it operates at its full potential. We can have your system delivered to our warehouse facility, which we will redirect to your job site, or it can be directly delivered to you. Either way, we’re there to help unload, unpack, and install the system.

And we still aren’t done yet!

Along with your new commercial refrigeration system, you’ll receive an extensive checklist of how to maintain your system and we’ll walk you through the steps too. Then we’ll provide you with day to day progress on your refrigeration system.

We offer preventive maintenance and repairs to your refrigeration system as well. Not sure what kind of maintenance your system needs? Call us!

But, in general, you should inspect the following components of your refrigeration system:

  • Defrost timers
  • Suction line insulation
  • Door hinges and closers
  • Oil motors (especially when oil ports exist)
  • Refrigerant level
  • Unit thermometer
  • The cycling and temperature
  • Control wiring and compressor operation
  • Door gaskets

Then you should also:

  • Adjust the defrost timers, if necessary
  • Clear the condensate drain lines
  • Degrease the pressure clean and condenser coils

Regular and proper commercial refrigeration system maintenance will make your system run as efficiently as possible. Some other benefits are:

  • A reduction in power consumption
  • An extension of the life of your equipment (particularly the condenser fan motor, capillary tube, and compressor)
  • A reduction in emergency repairs
  • Mold growth and contaminated spotted ice is prevented
  • Proper maintenance of the line coolers, which prevents capillary tube or oil breakdowns and a compressor failure.

Choose QRC to lead you through the commercial refrigeration process. We’re a company you can develop a relationship with and depend on when you need help. We are available 24/7, throughout the state of North Carolina to help you long after you purchase your first refrigeration system from us.

We are dedicated to our customers, let us show you.