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QRC: Refrigeration Services

Helping Keep Your Products Cool!

“Do you need a fridge for your convenience store? Or a walk-in freezer for your sushi bar?”
You probably know of QRC for our commercial refrigeration services. We have expanded to include commercial HVAC services, but we will always be the Triad’s refrigeration experts! QRC can develop, deliver, and install your commercial refrigerator product.

All the refrigeration services we offer are:

Commercial refrigeration service & installation
Heating and air conditioning service
New and used equipment sales
And preventive maintenance on any make and model of equipment

We have a combined 50 years of experience in the refrigeration business, particularly in Winston Salem, but we also service surrounding Triad areas, such as:

Kernersville, Greensboro, High Point, Clemmons, and Lewisville. We are also licensed to do work in all of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.

“Do you own a convenience store?”
If you own a convenience store you definitely need some sort of commercial refrigeration. If you sell any kind of drink, any frozen snacks, or cold foods then you need a commercial refrigerator to keep those items cool and ready for purchase.

“Do you own a farm?”
On a farm, one uses refrigeration for meat, produce, and dairy processing. These systems are used the heaviest during the summer months for produce, since it has to be kept cold as soon as possible to increase the shelf life and prevent spoiling. Of course, the refrigerators are used all year-long to keep the dairy milk from spoiling.

“Do you own a supermarket?”
Similar to the convenience store, if you own a supermarket you will know all about commercial refrigeration. No matter what size supermarket you maintain, you will have plenty of commercial refrigerators and freezers in your building. Work with a company you know you can trust with such an important aspect of your business and make QRC your commercial refrigeration providers.

“Do you work in the meat industry?”
If so, you’ve seen refrigerators and freezers used to store meat prior to delivery. Trucks, particularly those that transport the meat, are outfitted with commercial refrigerators to keep the meat a safe holding temperature while it’s delivered.

Most commercial businesses require some type of commercial refrigeration services, and QRC is happy to offer well-rounded commercial refrigeration services.

We are there for you every step of the way!

The QRC team is capable of creating a drawing of your commercial refrigeration system as well as the quote, but we don’t stop there!

We are there for you every step of the process.

We ensure that your fridge or freezer operates to its full potential by working closely with the manufacturer. Your system can be delivered to our warehouse facility or directly to you. Regardless, we’re there to help unload, unpack, and install the system.

With every commercial refrigeration system, we provide an extensive checklist. It describes how to maintain your system, but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the steps too. We also provide you with day to day progress on your refrigeration system.

We offer preventive maintenance and repairs to your fridge or freezer refrigeration system tool. And if you’re in the market for a refrigeration product, choose QRC to assist you through the commercial refrigeration purchase process.

Here at QRC we develop relationships with our clients and manage every aspect of their commercial refrigerators, freezers, etc. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the state of North Carolina to help you long after you purchase your first refrigeration system from us.

We are dedicated to our customers, let us show you.

Fill out the form on this page to contact us regarding any commercial refrigeration services you may need.

Our certified technicians at QRC are equipped to handle all of your HVAC and commercial appliance servicing needs in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Contact us today to learn more!