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Electrical Panel Upgrade & Replacement

Your electrical panel, often called a breaker box, is your home’s power hub, supplying electricity from the grid to all your devices and appliances. Whether it’s outdated, damaged, or showing other signs that necessitate an upgrade or replacement, our skilled electrical team at QRC has you covered.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Services

At QRC, our licensed electricians in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas are ready to address any concern or upgrade for your electrical panel. Depending on your needs, we offer electrical panel upgrades and services such as:

  • Amperage capacity upgrade
  • Subpanel installation
  • Safety feature upgrades
  • Smart panel installation
  • Bus bar replacement
  • Electrical panel relocation
  • Circuit breaker replacement
  • Panel electrical wiring

Why upgrade your panel?

Upgrading your circuit breaker panel offers several benefits that can add to the safety and functionality of your home. These include:

  • Improved safety: Adding safety features, such as arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) can help protect your home from electrical arcs, shocks, and electrical fires.
  • Enhanced electrical performance: Upgrading to an electrical panel that better matches the capacity needs of your home can boost the performance of appliances or devices.
  • More outlets: An upgraded electrical panel can allow you to install numerous new outlets throughout your home, improving both electrical safety and convenience.
  • Avoid equipment damage: A properly functioning electrical panel is less likely to impose wear or damage on your appliances and electrical equipment, potentially extending the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Increase home value: Upgrading an electrical panel not only helps your home meet electrical code standards, but it can also future-proof it for advancing technology needs, making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Signs your panel needs an upgrade

As the primary power source for your entire home, it’s important that your electrical panel functions safely and effectively. Look for these signs that your panel might be due for an upgrade:

  • Original to your home: Homes aged 20 or older may have their original electrical panels, which may not meet current electrical safety standards due to insufficient protection against electrical faults. Fuse box panels, for example, pose fire hazard risks over breaker panels.
  • Insufficient capacity: More common with older units, some electrical panels can’t keep up with the energy load requirements of a home with modern appliances or devices.
  • Warm panel: Electrical that’s warm to the touch indicates that it’s not protecting your home properly and needs immediate attention.
  • Repeatedly tripped breakers: While occasional breaker trips are normal, persistent trips may suggest that your panel doesn’t meet your home’s power needs.
  • Burning smells: Burning smells stemming from your electrical panel can signal overheating electrical circuits that can escalate into fires.
  • Sparks: Sparks or electrical shocks can be a sign that your panel is struggling to meet energy demands.

Our upgrade process

Expert installation from our team of licensed electricians at QRC is key for a reliable system. Your electrician will thoroughly assess your home and its power needs to determine the ideal upgrade for your electrical panel.

Whether you need an upgrade to your main panel or a subpanel installation, they’ll create a clear plan with an estimate, meaning you won’t face any surprises during the upgrade process. Your electrician will also handle all the necessary electrical permits for your upgrade, and they’ll conclude their visit with an electrical inspection that ensures your panel is compliant with electrical codes and operating safely.

The exact time for upgrades and installations varies, but most services only need a day or less to complete. We’ll disconnect your panel during the service, which means you won’t be able to use the electricity in your home, but we’ll work efficiently to minimize disruption.

Electrical Panel Replacement Services

Your electrical panel functions as the control system of your home, distributing power throughout your home to your lights, appliances, and electrical devices. If your electrical panel is due for a replacement, our expert electricians can help.

With consideration to your existing electrical system and your home’s electrical load demand, we’ll customize a replacement solution. Your electrician will efficiently and safely remove the old panel, and replace it with a modern panel that should last for years to come. We complete all electrical panel replacements according to local electrical codes to ensure your home’s electrical safety.

When replacement is necessary

Over time, your electrical panel components degrade and offer less safety and convenience for your home. While panel repairs or upgrades may be sufficient to keep your current panel going, some circumstances require replacement altogether, such as:

  • The panel is old, outdated, or poses safety hazards
  • The panel doesn’t match your home’s power needs
  • You have a fused-based electrical panel
  • It doesn’t comply with electrical codes
  • Home insurance won’t cover your current electrical panel

Why Choose QRC for Your Electrical Panel Needs?

Locally-owned and operated, our team at QRC has served Winston-Salem and surrounding North Carolina areas since 1999. Our electricians are licensed, insured, and bonded, and they’re committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through high-quality and detail-oriented services.

Don’t compromise on your home’s safety and comfort. Take advantage of our expert and knowledgeable electrical panel services, 24/7 availability, and upfront pricing when you choose QRC.

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel in Winston-Salem with QRC

Customers in Winston-Salem know they can rely on us for timely and expert service. Contact our team at QRC for a full assessment of your electrical panel and solutions to keep your electrical system operating as it should.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my electrical panel myself?

Replacing an electrical panel is a complex and potentially hazardous task that requires professional knowledge to complete. Most areas, including Winston-Salem, typically only supply permits for electrical panel work performed by a licensed electrician.

Is a 200-amp panel better?

A 200-amp panel has greater electrical capacity compared to panels with lower amperage ratings. They can accommodate higher electrical load required by homes with modern appliances and electrical devices.