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Electrical Installation, NC

Lighting, wiring, panels, and other equipment make up the electrical system that keep your North Carolina home running safely and comfortably. With electrical installation services from our team at QRC, you can enjoy a reliable electrical system whether for your home remodel, business, new panel, or other installations.

Comprehensive Electrical Installation Services We Offer

At QRC, we offer a wide range of electrical installation services to our fellow North Carolina residents. Providing residential electrical installation and commercial electrical installation, we can assist with brand-new electrical system installations, remodels, or additions to your existing system.

Take advantage of the following electrical services offered by our fully-licensed electrical team.

Electrical remodeling

Renovating your home or modernizing your system? We’ll work with your remodel to create a customized solution that meets your home’s needs. Whether standard wiring, home automation, whole-home lighting, or any other needs, we can design and install a complete or partial system as needed for new and existing homes or commercial buildings.

Wiring installation

Whether you want to add a room, replacing knob-and-tube or other outdated wiring, or wire a new home, we offer efficient wiring installation.

Electrical panel upgrade

Your electrical panel is the source of your home’s power and distributes electricity to every corner of your home, and it’s important that it matches the needs of your home to ensure safe and efficient performance. We’ll work with you to determine an electrical panel upgrade that can handle your home’s load capacity demands.

Circuit breaker installation

If you have a faulty or inadequate circuit breaker, we’ll calculate the needs and install the appropriate replacement.

Electrical outlet installation

Many homes and commercial buildings don’t have enough outlets and switches or have outdated builder’s grade or two-prong outlets. We upgrade existing outlets and install new three-prong outlets, GFCI outlets, switches, and more.

Lighting installation

Illuminate your home with flawless and functional lighting that works with your space, both indoors and outdoors. We provide a variety a variety of lighting types and options, including:

  • Kitchen and bathroom lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Lighting timers
  • Lighting dimmers
  • Flood lights
  • Motion-activated lights
  • Architectural lighting

Ceiling fan installation

Enhance energy efficiency, home decor, and ambient lighting in your home with a ceiling fan installation in your living room, dining area, bedroom, patio, or almost anywhere else in your home.

Appliance installation

Some appliances require more than plug-and-go installation — whether you need assistance with a residential or commercial appliance installation, we’ll adhere to safety codes and manufacturer specifications, determine the ideal location, calculate circuit requirements, and install or adjust wiring and outlets to ensure the safety and performance of your appliance.

Smart device installation

Smart home devices integrate electrical equipment and smart systems to enhance automation, security, energy efficiency, and other safety and convenience factors. We’ll help design a smart device system that meets your home’s needs, whether for the entire home or in a single room, or integrate smart equipment into an existing system.

Why Choose QRC for Your Electrical Installation?

Family-owned and operated since 1999, QRC has over 50 years of combined experience serving Winston-Salem and other North Carolina areas. Known for our neighborly friendliness, personalized repair and installation solutions, and detail-oriented service, our electrical team has earned its spot as Winston-Salem’s go-to electrical installation service provider.

Keep your home safe, energy-efficient, and reliable with other advantages that come with our electrical installation services:

  • 100% customer satisfaction: Our many 5-star reviews are the result of quality workmanship and excellent customer service.
  • 24/7 availability: Whether over-the-phone consultations or in-person assessments, we’re available around-the-clock to address your electrical installation needs.
  • Expert technicians: Licensed, insured, and bonded, our electricians possess the crucial skills, knowledge, and experience to install your electrical system.

    We provide residential electrical services to Winston-Salem as well as Advance, Jamestown, Oak Ridge, Lexington, and other North Carolina areas. Our commercial electrical installation services span across North and South Carolina.

The Electrical Installation Process

When you contact our electrical team for a residential or commercial electrical installation project, we’ll provide a consultation for your system’s needs.

We’ll send a certified electrician to your home or business site to conduct a thorough assessment, during which they’ll review the building’s plans, current electrical infrastructure, and its new installation needs. If you’re building a new structure or doing a full remodel, we can also design a brand-new system with electrical panels, wiring, lighting, and more. Following the assessment, we’ll create a proposal that includes a full breakdown of materials, timelines, and costs.

Once we’ve amended and finalized the proposal, we’ll acquire the necessary permits for the new electrical installation. Our electrical installers ensure compliance with local building codes and safety requirements, ensuring the safe operation of your new installation.

We’ll disconnect power to the building during the installation to minimize hazards. Many installations take a day or less to complete, and we’ll coordinate our materials, equipment, and planning to optimize efficiency and minimize disruption to your power. We conclude our installation with safety checks and thorough inspections.

Take Advantage of Quality Workmanship with Electrical Installations from QRC in North Carolina

Serving Winston-Salem and surrounding North Carolina towns and counties, you can count on the QRC team for your electrical installation needs. Contact us today to learn why we’re the preferred choice for North Carolina homeowners and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of upgrading my electrical panel or wiring?

Upgrading your electrical panel or wiring can offer significant benefits, particularly if your current system is outdated, such as improved safety, energy-efficiency, capacity, reliability, regulatory compliance, and home value.

When should I update my home wiring?

Updating your home wiring is necessary if your existing system has outdated and potentially hazardous knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring. Home electrical renovations, panel upgrades, new appliances, or safety concerns may also necessitate wiring updates.

Can I do electrical installations on my own?

Electrical systems carry a significant risk of injury, and only trained and licensed electricians can safely perform electrical installations. Some installations, such as light fixtures or outlet replacements, are relatively straightforward for those with basic electrical know-how — just make sure to disconnect power from the panel and test connections with a voltage meter before handling any equipment. Otherwise, refer to an electrician who can perform installations efficiently and safely.