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Why Our Name is Changing FAQs

Why are you changing the name of Quality Refrigeration Concepts to QRC?
We are changing our name to QRC because we are offering additional services such as commercial HVAC installation and services. We are very passionate about this new division of our company. We will continue to service and install commercial refrigeration as well.

Why QRC?
QRC was chosen because we wanted a name to reflect the passion, energy, and creativity that is a vital part of what we do. We have added new services to our company, so we wanted to focus on new opportunity and growth in our company other than just commercial refrigeration. Just like the fire and ice cube in our logo, we feel QRC creates a visual image of the curiosity and exploration of new things that runs through our company.

Was the company sold?
Nope. We have had the same owners for the last 12 years. Sean and Michelle Eller founded the company in 2003 and Sean remains President of Operations on a day to day basis.

Will all of the same friendly faces still be working for QRC?
Of course! – no changes here. Same great people, same great attitude. In fact, we are hiring more people to join the team! We live by our words that we are the “same quality, same people, same prices with additional services.

Will the contact information for QRC be any different than Quality Refrigeration Concepts, Inc?
The only changes will be to our website at www.refrigerationcentral.com showing our new HVAC division. Everything else will stay the same. Same phone numbers and same physical address.

What about my bill?
Your invoice and pricing will be the same as it always has been in the past. We have the same competitive prices and will submit a quote for any jobs that will be over the ‘not to exceed limit’ on every customer. This will ensure that you will know what you are paying for when work needs to be done.