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With years of experience, our team is the one to trust for heat pump installation & service.

At QRC, we’re proud to deliver a range of heating and cooling solutions to those located throughout the Ardmore, North Carolina area. Although many homes in this region rely on furnaces, others have a different heating solution known as a heat pump. Since the climate here is a bit more moderate than in other areas, a heat pump is an excellent option that offers impressive heating and cooling capabilities, along with improved efficiency.

Heat Pump Installation & Service in Ardmore, North Carolina

If you’re not familiar with this unit, it’s helpful to understand how it works. Heat pumps share some similarities with refrigerators, operating under the principles of heat transfer. When a furnace operates, it heats up air using gas or electricity, then relies on a fan to move the air throughout the space. By contrast, a heat pump doesn’t put heat into the air but moves it from one place to another. Additionally, this unit can remove excess heat from your home during the warmer months.

Our technicians can perform heat pump installation & service for residential clients throughout the area. When you want to upgrade your HVAC system with something that will help you save money, this unit is a great option. We can also assess your structure to determine whether a heat pump is a good fit.

With years of experience, our team is the one to trust for heat pump installation & service. If you already have a heat pump in place, you can always rely on us to take care of it with regular maintenance and tune-ups. Don’t hesitate to reach out to get more information about heat pump installation & service or any of our other heating and cooling solutions.

At QRC, we offer heat pump installation & service to customers in Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Waterford, Central Heights, Southern Pines, Lewisville, Clemmons, Kernersville, High Point, Ardmore, King, and Lexington, North Carolina.