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When you think of Commercial Refrigerators and Coolers, you may not immediately think of them as a necessity for a floral shop. Sure you know you need a good physical location, flower arranging supplies, the flowers themselves, a vehicle for deliveries, and even employees.


But flowers are indeed a perishable product! Which means you will need proper commercial refrigeration appliances to keep your products fresh. Otherwise your newly purchased flowers will wilt within days of purchasing them, costing you more money to replace them in your inventory. And no one wants to throw away flowers because they weren’t purchased before they wilted! You’ll reduce the number of flowers that you lose when you extend their “shelf life.”

By investing in high quality, commercial refrigeration appliances, you can keep flowers fresh for a longer period of time, typically an extra week. This applies even to delicate flowers, such as orchids, so you can keep those high quality flowers fresh longer too. As you’re in the beginning stages of a new floral shop business, these are few things you should keep in mind regarding your commercial refrigeration appliances.

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Consider the Energy Costs

Remember when you’re establishing your new floral shop, you will need to account for the costs of the refrigeration systems and coolers which will keep your flowers fresh, but also the cost of running those machines. Especially if you’re beginning your business from your home. In fact, we recently discussed the obstacles which make it difficult to keep commercial refrigerators in your home and you can click here to learn more. If these obstacles are too much for you, you will need to find a commercial location which has the space for these refrigeration appliances.

Keep Your Coolers Clean

Just because you don’t have food in your commercial coolers does not mean you can let dirt and grime build up in them. You have to clean them routinely. If you have a dirty cooler, your flowers will not keep for long! You can learn more about how to clean and maintain your commercial coolers by clicking here.


Don’t forget commercial refrigeration appliances as you’re planning for your new floral shop. QRC is ready to help you find the best commercial refrigerators for your needs!