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Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Building Owners or Managers

We recently gave some tips on how to save energy with your HVAC unit in a commercial building, so you can read our other tips here. If you read it before and you’re ready for some new tips, keep reading! Did you know your office building’s HVAC unit accounts for about HALF of your energy use? Whether you’re the building owner or manager or you’re an employee in a commercial office, you can pitch in and save some energy with a few simple, energy saving tricks.

If you’re a building owner or manager you should..

Tune up your commercial HVAC unit and building as a whole.

You should regularly maintain your commercial HVAC unit and you can read about what that involves on our previous blog post: Your Ultimate Guide to Commercial HVAC Maintenance. But you should also have your air ducts inspected and cleaned, windows sealed, thermostats calibrated, and air filters replaced regularly to ensure proper air quality and reduce energy usage. You can reduce energy costs by 5-10% just by regularly changing your HVAC air filter!

Upgrade your commercial HVAC unit.

Another great way to save energy and money in your commercial building is by upgrading your HVAC system. The trend in technology is to be more efficient and green, so newer HVAC systems are designed to save energy and work more efficiently. When you upgrade your system and take advantage of the new industry trends, then you’ll ultimately save money and your tenants will remain comfortable! You can improve your building’s efficient by 5-20% by upgrading or replacing your commercial HVAC system.

Implement Zone Scheduling

Implementing a zone scheduling system allows you to reduce or shut off lighting and HVAC certain sections of a building on a schedule. Which means if you have multiple tenants who work different hours in your building, you can shut off those unused parts of the building. And if you’re building is only used for a few hours in a day, you can shut off those major energy sources when the building is not occupied.

Ensure your system is the right size.

Unfortunately, people make mistakes and, according to a study, “at least 25% of all rooftop HVAC units are oversized” (Source), meaning those machines are using more energy and breaking down sooner because they’re not the proper size for the building! If your building has rooftop HVAC units, give us a call so we can see if they’re the right size for  your building and needs. An HVAC system that is the right size will save you money and cut those extra costs while also reducing pollution!


Do you have any tips for saving energy as a building owner? Share them in the comments below!