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If you suspect that you need HVAC repair, it is only normal to have questions about what to expect so you don’t have any surprises once the technician arrives. Most of your concerns can be alleviated by talking with the dispatcher, but before you get to that point or to help you know what to ask them, here are three of the most frequently asked questions related to HVAC repair:

HVAC Repair

  • Is my HVAC repair an emergency? It is only natural to wonder whether you can wait until regular business hours to have your HVAC repair issue addressed. If it would be unsafe to wait, you shouldn’t. If the temperatures are extreme and winter freezing temperatures or a summer heat wave could pose as health hazards, that is an HVAC repair emergency. It is also an emergency if you suspect an electrical or gas leak situation.
  • What fees can I expect for HVAC repair? Each company handles how they charge for HVAC repair differently. Be sure to ask when calling for repair so you know upfront about trip charges, hourly charges, flat fees or however they have structured their billing for services. You should also ask about service agreements, which provide for preventative services and often give a discount for HVAC repair visits, as well.
  • What happens if the HVAC repair cost is significant? If your HVAC system needs major repairs, your technician should be able to help you decide whether you should repair it or if it would be more cost-effective to replace the unit. They’ll provide you with the costs for each so that you can make an informed decision.

If you would like to know more about HVAC repair, give us a call at QRC, where the quality of service matters. We will always answer your questions completely, so you know what to expect from your HVAC repair visit, and we’ll be happy to discuss our three service agreement options designed to help you avoid HVAC repair. Call us today to learn more.