What to Look for in a Commercial
Heating Contractor

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Having a qualified, experienced, and professional commercial heating contractor work on your heating system is vital. There are many heating contractors out there who may claim they are qualified to do the work, but many are not. Below are some tips and things to look for in a heating contractor before you hire for the job.

What to Look for in a Commercial Heating Contractor

  • Commercial Experience – Whoever you hire must have commercial heating experience, and not just residential. There is a big difference between commercial and residential. A residential heating contractor will not have the experience necessary to work on more complex commercial systems.
  • Certifications – Does the heating contractor have the proper certifications to be doing work on your system? If not, then they are not the best for the job. Even if they are the cheapest, it is not worth it. Protect yourself and your heating system by hiring a company that is certified to do the work.
  • Comprehensive – Don’t just select a company that will only install your heating system. Choose a heating contractor that can install, repair, and maintain your system. This will save you time, stress and possibly money.
  • Reviews – Looking into a company’s online reviews can really say a lot about that company. Doing a little research upfront can really save you a lot of frustration and money in the end.

By following these guidelines when looking into heating contractors, you will be setting yourself up for success. Here at QRC, we have immense commercial experience, hold all necessary certifications, can give you a comprehensive service, and delight in our positive customer reviews.